"You are here to serve, to uplift, to be graceful, and to give the very deep love of your soul to all those in need.  Through service you can win the world"- Yogi Bhajan


Dedicated to Serving the Well-Being of all People

Transformational Life Coaching • Reiki • Kundalini Yoga • Intuitive Readings • Ceremony • Spiritual Mentorship


The Work of the Healer

Bringing Healing to the Heart, Mind, Body & Soul

It has been my soul's purpose to facilitate healing since the age of 14 when I became a Reiki Practitioner. Through the years, I have studied, practiced and trained in different healing modalities gathering wisdom and knowledge around ways to restore human beings to their well-being.

In Buddhism, bodhisattva is someone who's intent on helping others in every needed way. This is what I feel I give to each and every session. It is my mission through my work, to support and engender the power of each human being to impact their own lives in positive and affirming ways.

The wisdom of healing are gifts that are generously given to us by our ancestors and teachers, by the Great Mystery. Making something beautiful with these gifts is my soul's purpose. It is my sincere and honest intention to serve the highest good of each person I am in contact with. To help return each person to their inspired and authentic body, mind and soul.


Sacred Healing Way is an integrative healing practice offering services to facilitate deep healing and lasting change. Genevieve opens a safe and nurturing space for clients who are looking to transform their lives living in their true authentic nature.

She is skilled as a Transformational Life Coach, Intuitive Reader, Mentor, Kundalini Yoga Teacher and Reiki Healer. Having an extensive background in various modalities allows her to meet client's individual needs. Her combined skills make her unique in the way the work is delivered in each and every session.

Having gone through her own change process, Genevieve has a sincere ability to resonate with people during theirs. She offers a safe and nurturing environment for people to explore the areas of their lives that need healing, growth and development. She is kind, caring and deeply compassionate in her work.


If you have questions or inquiries in regards to my services, please visit the contact page for more information.