Genevieve's Journey to Healing

It was not by chance that Genevieve was called into a Reiki Healing circle at the age of 14. There was a deep & immediate knowing that she belonged there and an even deeper knowing that she belonged there as a practitioner not only as a receiver. The money needed to be attuned as Level I was gifted to her by a community member who recently lost her son to cancer. The woman told Genevieve that she had a dream where her son came to her and asked that Genevieve carry Reiki on in his name (he was a practitioner). She offered payment for Level 1 and Genevieve accepted and committed her life to service.

Shortly after she was introduced to a Mohawk Medicine Man in her hometown near the Seminole Indian Reservation. She apprenticed in the ways of making medicine and honoring all things sacred. He initiated her love for and relationship to Earth & Spirit. She carried on with her journey being guided to teachers and practices that would not only create deep healing for herself personally, but would also become part of her practice in service to others.

Genevieve has been inspired throughout her life to build upon her spiritual and practical tools in order to grow into a person of integrity in all roles and relationships in her life. She values a cross-cultural approach to healing and believes that all of the bodies: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual need healing to move into proper alignment.

Using all of her tools combined, Genevieve has developed a model to support those wanting access to their own inherent body of wisdom and practical tools to living through it. She encourages the qualities of leadership in everyone she works with.


    CERTIFICATIONS & TRAINING    Reiki Level I & II:  Lynn Chung FL, 1994-1995   Childbirth Education Certification:  ALACE, 1999   Kundalini Yoga Teacher:  KRI Certified, 2001   Leadership/Mentorship Training:  Sundust Oracle Institute, 2011   Shamanic Relationship Practitioner:  Sundust Oracle Institute, 2011   Life Coach:  Life Coaching Institute, ICF Accredited, 2012   Florida Atlantic University:  Associate of Arts Degree



Reiki Level I & II: Lynn Chung FL, 1994-1995

Childbirth Education Certification: ALACE, 1999

Kundalini Yoga Teacher: KRI Certified, 2001

Leadership/Mentorship Training: Sundust Oracle Institute, 2011

Shamanic Relationship Practitioner: Sundust Oracle Institute, 2011

Life Coach: Life Coaching Institute, ICF Accredited, 2012

Florida Atlantic University: Associate of Arts Degree

Genevieve Specializes In:

  • Authentic Relationship to the Self and Others: With the tools of transformational coaching, mentoring of practices for effective, empowered, non-violent and authentic communication, Genevieve helps people take a leadership role in their relationships. She teaches many tools and step-by-step helps client strategize to change the dynamics and patterns of their relationships so that they truly serve. She assists individuals into recognizing the current state of their relationship to themselves and to others, and helps them to clearly define what is working and not working within. She offers powerful tools so that the client becomes empowered and is able to apply the tools and methods they're learning.
  • Living from the Desired Self rather than the Self created by the past: Each one of us comes into the world with our own true essence in tact. We have ideas, visions, values, perspectives even from the moment of birth. We bring all of who we are to this world. Through our life experience and the need to 'fit in' to the family and cultural dynamic some of who we are and what we believe is compromised. Out of the need for safety and survival as a young being, its sometimes necessary to conform in order to be accepted, liked and loved but as we age...we begin to feel an internal rift inside of ourselves.

         We oftentimes feel the discrepancy between who we have become in our thoughts, feelings and behavior to who we know we                      are or have the potential to be. We're searching for change from the inside out. Genevieve works with a transformational coaching model using techniques taken from positive psychology and neuroscience to untangle and heal the client from their past in order to move them forward into living the life they want. They begin to live, speak, express and become all of who they are living from their own value based belief system and do so with the utmost confidence and sincerity. 

  • Communication & Leadership: Genevieve has practiced the art of communication with dedication and sincerity since 2009. It is an art form to her. Through her personal study and application and through her work as executive assistant to the CEO of White Tantric Yoga® and training with the Sundust Oracle Institute, Genevieve has learned and adapted the ways of: authentic, non-violent, direct, clear, effective, inspired and compassionate communication. Genevieve communicates to effect change, uplift others and to inspire. She assists with clients with creating communication that empowers them and creates positive change. Whether they are going through difficult times due to dissolution of relationship/marriage, challenges with people in the workplace, parenting children, relating to loved ones, Genevieve helps pinpoint how and where the client loses their power in conversation, why it happens and provides tools and strategy for reinstating it. Genevieve believes that our experience in life is largely based on our ability to communicate authentically and that relationships are our biggest catalyst for becoming of all who we are.
  • Teacher: Genevieve has been serving in the role as Kundalini Yoga Teacher since 2001. Being a teacher for her is a profound experience and a role that she holds with great reverence. She teaches with the intention to serve the higher consciousness of others. For her there is no agenda, she is there to uplift and inspire. She  strives through her own example to teach her students how to take the Yoga practice off of the mat and into their lives. She serves to inspire others to live in their highest and fullest potential!