Transformational Life Coaching

A journey to self-discovery

Each one of us comes into the world with our own true essence in tact. We have ideas, visions, values, perspectives even from the moment of birth. We bring all of who we are to this world. Through our life experience and the need to 'fit in' to the family and cultural dynamic, some of who we are and what we believe, or know to be true becomes compromised. Out of the need for safety and survival as a young being its sometimes necessary to conform in order to be accepted, liked and loved but as we age we begin to feel an internal rift inside of ourselves.

We oftentimes feel the discrepancy between who we have become in our thoughts, feelings and behavior to who we know we are and have the potential to be. We're searching for change from the inside out. Genevieve has trained in a transformational coaching model that uses techniques taken from positive psychology and neuroscience to untangle and heal the client from their past in order to move them forward into living the life they want. Through the course of the work people begin to live, speak, express and become all of who they are living from their own value-based belief system and doing so with the utmost confidence. 

Welcome to Transformational Life Coaching! I specialize in providing coaching services to those who are seeking deep change and lasting transformation in order to live an authentic life. As your coach, I believe that you are dynamic, creative, resourceful and inherently capable of finding solutions to the limits and blocks that keep you from living an inspired and fulfilled life. Together, we will decrease and eliminate barriers and work to explore the underlying beliefs, habits, patterns and behaviors associated with them so that the transformative work can begin.  My training as a Transformational Coach is based on proven techniques from positive psychology and neuroscience. My goal is to help you move into a positive mindset where you are building a life environment to support your optimal self. 

This model overturns sadness, pain, trauma, suffering and negativity into health, prosperity, happiness, optimism, hope and belief. Long lasting, permanent change from the inside out!

Coaching is a partnership, we work with one another to achieve your personal happiness and success. I listen, reflect, summarize, ask for deeper meaning and guide you into being very specific about what you want, what you mean by 'happiness', 'peace', 'success' all the many things you are reaching for. I acknowledge and celebrate you as you progress and teach you how to do the same!


Nature of Coaching Process

The life coaching process is always focused on solutions and how to help you move forward. The coaching tools we'll use, will transform negative thought patterns into positive mindful ways of thinking. When the transformation is complete, you'll be able to make better decisions and to move forward in your life in a meaningful way, one that will bring personal satisfaction, happiness, optimal health and performance, improved relationships, and empowerment. We'll use powerful cutting edge tools to create the desired transformation from a fear-based survival mindset to a positive one. 

The Process


  • We begin by exploring your current reality to gain understanding of what is and isn't working in your life so we can gauge where change is needed and ready to happen.
  • From your current perspective, we'll explore information that is already accessible to you in terms of your habits, patterns, beliefs, actions and mindset that isn't serving you.
  • We'll turn towards your reality, face it, and gather knowledge and wisdom about it so that we have direction for moving forward.


  • This is the process where we break it all down...we begin to deeply understand your habits, patterns and beliefs, what purpose they have served in the past so that we can start creating new ones, from the very first session.
  • We work with a coaching model that is based on positive psychology and neuroscience to rewire your brain in order to get you out of automatic thinking and behaving and into conscious awareness so that your actions and thoughts become intentional.
  • This is where we overcome the largest barriers in your life and move you forward into newly established ways of feeling and being.
  • We'll work to transform limiting beliefs, habits, patterns and behavior and establish new ones for the positive mindset. 
  • You'll learn about the negative and positive neural pathways of the brain and how they play a role in your ability to create change. 
  • We work diligently and carefully in this process to ensure that the new behaviors and mindset are integrating, and that you are actively and consistent practicing them so that change is PERMANENT.

Transforming Old into New

  • We'll discover who you really are; your true Authentic Nature and work to empower you into living in it.
  • We uncover your personality type, strengths, values, beliefs, boundaries and work to help you successfully bring your True Self into all aspects and areas of your life.


My Goal is to Creatively and Skillfully guide you into living as your Authentic Self. Meaning, you are in alignment with yourself. Your words, actions, beliefs and values are all lined up. You know who you are and you express yourself in every single way. We push past the protective survival mechanisms that have been established in your brain for safety and protection, the ones that are now limits and blocks to your happiness and success. I help you finally get the change you've been wanting.


Visions, Dreams & Goals

  • This is where we have fun!
  • Once you've transformed the obstacles and limits, we begin to vision and dream for your life! All areas of your life!
  • We fill gaps and elevate your life experience to one that is optimal for your living experience.
  • We set goals that are Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Time-Bound to who you are and what you want.

 "Genevieve masterfully creates a beautifully nurturing and safe space from which to go deep and explore the areas of your life that matter most to you. She teaches, coaches and lives from an impeccably authentic place and truly walks her talk. By embodying strength, vulnerability and grace, Genevieve intuitively knows how to simultaneously support your dreams and visions with loving kindness and encourage you to grow the areas that foster YOU becoming your own biggest supporter. The best part, she leads you to the knowing that you genuinely deserve it. Whether it's teaching or coaching, Genevieve shows up with her whole heart, every time, guiding you to the light within your own heart."

- Stacey D.

A coach's assumptions
Change is possible!!

  1. It is vital to form a vision of what you want as the first step in building the life and self you want. It is important that your life meaning is an integral part of this vision.
  2. Each person is a system made up of the following parts: spirit, mind, emotion, the physical and life environment. 
  3. Each person can reach into their own inspiration and insight, in order to build the life they want and make good choices.
  4. Negative and positive realities are part of human reality. Negative experience teach what you don't want and positive experiences what you do want.
  5. We create our reality through our thoughts, perceptions, choices and assumptions together with our inspiration and insight.
  6. Healthy change involves experimenting with what works and what doesn't, and accepting that there will be a period of transition where tings are not clearly defined. This transition period can be uncomfortable but involves your most creative self. 
  7.  Negative emotions are signals of something that needs to be acknowledged and considered. Denying the existence of negative reactions/experiences makes them more intense and blocks the path to positive and change. 
  8. It is necessary to build an observer you and an empowered self so that you can make positive conscious choices.
  9. We each have ability to find a new perspective and apply it to life. Old thoughts, habits and negative patterning of the brain from our childhood and past experiences can be transformed. With consistent effort and implementation of new tools, strategies, ways of thinking...change is not only possible, but long-lasting.

"As a life-long New Yorker, I've been in and out of therapy with a variety of different therapists. I've benefited from each to various degrees but found there was a limit to their individual abilities to help me. Time would go by and I would reach the maximum benefit and then find myself repeating myself and my problems. The prospect of working with Genevieve Cipes represented my trying something different. Once we began I quickly realized her approach and methods differed from traditional therapy and without the constraint of therapy "rules", she seemed to be able to dig deeper and help me work through my issues on a far more personal level. After only a couple of months I realized that the work I'd been doing with her was affecting me so quickly and in such a positive way that I felt I'd wasted years spinning my wheels in therapy.
Genevieve takes a 360 approach to her work managing to assist with personal growth and happiness, relationships and career. Most of all, she cares. She seems to remember everything I've ever told her and always has well though-out insight to share. She shows up to each session completely prepared and is beyond generous with her time and energy. When you work with Genevieve you gain a life coach and a family member."

- Seth K.

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