Testimonial for Life Coaching:

"I am not sure if you know how much you changed my life, or shall I say...inspired me to change my life.There is something about the way you teach Kundalini Yoga that helped the practice deeply resonate with me. Your classes became such a grounding force in my life. To this day, you are the only yoga teacher I've had who I consider "my teacher". It was such a blessing to be able to do life coaching & intuitive sessions with you.Your deep commitment to your life's work & family is deeply inspiring. Thank you in so many ways- from teaching Kundalini Yoga in a way that deeply resonated with me, to coaching me through a serious rough patch. I am so grateful for your continued support.

Your ability to harness & utilize your intuitive gifts is inspiring. I know it's very intense work and you are such a strong soul for taking this path. Our community is so lucky to have you. I've had very few mentors in my life and you opened that door & continue to inspire me indirectly.. Words cannot express the gratitude I feel. Thank you, thank you, thank you." Love, SB

 Love, SB

"I am honored to know you. I want you to know that I will always cherish the positive impact you've had on my development and growth. Thank you for being a solid anchor in my life." Love, BC

"Thank you for helping me to choose a path that is right for me. You are the next best thing to an owners manual and I would be lost without you." Love, EB

"I feel so blessed to know you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all of your guidance, love, support, healing, generosity and absolute open heart." MG

"What a light you are in the world. I am so grateful to have reconnected with you. I appreciate all of the guidance you have offered over the years. I wouldn't be where I am today if it weren't for you." Love, A Client

"Thank you so very much for being here with me today. You have been such an incredible support to me over the last year. Words cannot express how very grateful I am for your love and support!" Love, KH

"Your prayers and chants carried me here, from a land of parched soil and cracked bones to this greening hilltop where colored banners snap fiercely in the breath of the liquid sky. This is what you do: You breathe hope into dry marrow. You stir dreams back to life & set them dancing again like dandelion seeds dizzy in the wind- or in the breath of a wish struck child. How can I say thank you? Thank you for being you and for sharing your joy, your laughter, your gifts & yourself with me. Namaste-" Love, VE

"I wanted to share with you an amazing experience I had concerning our last session. You helped me get very clear about my concerns with one of my relationship and the Universe provided me an opportunity to sort out some problems. I was able to express myself and my needs and in the conversation and something beautiful happened...we both realized that there are valuable things to learn from each other. I want to thank you for helping me get clear about my needs and how to express them in a healing, effective way. You helped me become more confident in the expression of my needs. The success of this communication allowed me to learn and grow and while I am grateful and proud of myself for persevering and rising to the challenge, I am also grateful to you for the work we do together. You are teaching me valuable skills that will allow me to live a more joyful life. Thank you, thank you, thank you!" Love, A Client

"I woke up feeling hopeful about my future and proud of myself for doing this work. I have shared with you things I have never said out loud before and that's a big step in the right direction. I even used "I feel" language today and I am so grateful for the work we are doing. I love our time together...all of the knowledge, experience and life examples you bring into the conversations." Reece A-

"I have been guided so clearly toward my dreams and to a life in alignment with my values. I feel as though I am living a life of my own choice for the very first time. I know that I will want to come to you for continued guidance going forward. I expect new challenges and opportunities for growth as my life unfolds. I feel like I have a new warm coat that fits perfectly and reflects my true self. Now, all I have to do is put it on and walk around town. When I describe our work to others I feel as though the term "Life Coach" is insufficient for what I've experienced with you. I prefer to refer to you as "spiritual advisor". I trust your connection to Spirit so completely and I hope to work you for a very long time." Love, Amy

"As a life-long neurotic New Yorker, I've been in and out of therapy with a variety of different therapists. I've benefitted from each to various degrees, but found there was a limit to their individual abilities to help me. Time would go by and I would reach maximum benefit and then find myself repeating my problems. The prospect of working with Genevieve represented my trying something different. Once we began, I quickly realized her approach and methods differed from traditional therapy and without constraints of therapy "rules", she seemed to be able to dig deeper and help me work through my issues on a far more personal level. After only a couple of months, I realized the work I'd been doing with Genevieve was affecting me so quickly and in such a positive way that I felt I'd wasted years spinning my wheels in therapy.

Genevieve Cipes takes a 360 approach to her work, managing to assist with personal growth and happiness, relationships and career. Most of all, she cares. She seems to remember everything I've ever told her and always has well thought-out insight to share. She shows up to each session completely prepared and is beyond generous with her time and energy. When you work with Genevieve you gain a life coach, therapist and family member." Seth K.

"Genevieve is a true reflective practitioner, she has skillfully helped me to navigate my professional, personal and spiritual goals. I am so grateful to have her as a resource. Working with Genevieve has ultimately proved to be an investment in myself, paying off in better health, a new and better job, a deeper relationship with my partner, and most importantly...a better understanding of how I want to show up in the world. The work I have done with Genevieve has effectively helped me to achieve my goals, strategically adjust as circumstances warranted and all the while...helped me to maintain a feeling of rooted purpose. If you are ready to bring positive change and energy into your life the decision to work with Genevieve is simple..just do it!" Love, Maia E

"Genevieve is in such alignment with sharing her abilities and skills that she is truly healing this planet one person at a time. Her combination of intuition and meeting the person where they are at has allowed authentic and lasting positive change to take place in me- more than any other type of therapy! She is such a gift and true gem, it has been a huge blessing to work with her. I wish for everyone that wants to grow and affirm their soul purpose to work with Genevieve's pure heart of service." Love, Elenya G.

"Thank you so much for your love, guidance and wisdom. You're such a force of beauty! I can see my life changing everyday because of your work and I cannot imagine my life without you. Here's to you changing the world! The Dalai Lama said, the world would be changed by Western Women and I believe he must know the work you're doing. It's starting with you..." Love, A Client

"Genevieve, thank you for taking the time to respond to me, I don't know if I already told you how much I appreciate you and your time and the work...you have been a blessing in my life and I just want to say Thank You!!!" Love, Veronica L.

"I am grateful for the time you've intentionally set aside for me on Fridays for coaching and healing on all levels, emotional, mental, physical and spiritual. I appreciate every moment with you and you are wise beyond your years, a vision that inspires daily and a beautiful heart that's open and loves deeply. You're such a beautiful Spirit of Love and Light. The Reiki sessions moved me deeply and I admire your patience as your hands listened intently, never impatient or rushed. Your touch was safe and nurturing and the heat and energy pulsated through me unlocking tension and pain hidden within. Each session has a different flavor and are exactly what I need." Blessings, Maia R.


Testimonial for Reiki Healing Work:

"Thank you for the work yesterday. I definitely feel that the work we've done is restorative and transformative. You truly have a gift and I appreciate connecting with you. Thanks Again!" Kindly, A Client

"This year offered an abundant of adversities for me to work with; physically, emotionally and work related. When first speaking to Genevieve, I was in deep depression concerning the fusion of these challenges. I felt stuck and truly had the hardest time seeing past them. I didn't know how to pull myself up and create these shifts needed to move forward. Due to all of my circumstances, I really needed a special kind of guidance and support during this time that was intuitively rooted.

When I made the decision to work with Genevieve I knew it was the right one. I immediately felt comfortable and completely at ease sharing some of the things that I was physically going through as well as feeling in my life. Her intuitive abilities came with the grace of being able to witness me with support and love. She suggested various tools that would assist my growth and healing that felt completely aligned with who I am. She also created a beautiful custom healing booklet specifically created for me to continue working on my transformation through the teachings of Kundalini Yoga.

My healing session with Genevieve from a distance was life changing experience in the way I see the world and it's infinite potential. I am grateful for the exchange I have had and continue to have with her. Her healing abilities and dedication to her healing work helped me get through one of the most difficult times in my life. I am forever grateful. There are people in this world who choose their services for the pure calling of love and Genevieve is one of those people." ML

"Genevieve, You have been a very present and special person in my life. You have helped me in numerous ways, not only in developing my spiritual and intuitive potential, but in my personal life in being aware of myself and being aware of others' behaviors and how the affect me. You are a friend, a sister, a therapist, a teacher, a mentor, a healer. You are naturally a wonderful woman with some very special God given skills. You have already given so much to the world and I know you will continue to give you what you can." In Love & Light Terra

"You have been such an important, positive spirit in my new happier life. Thank you for all that you have done to help me get my life going in a much healthier and happier direction. All of your hard work and dedication to following your higher purpose is helping me (and so many others) to find, follow and live in mine. Thank you for sharing your purpose and skills with me. You are so very special!! Lots of love, A client

"Genevieve is a radiant and beautiful soul who has touched my life in so many ways. I feel blessed to know her as a person as well as healer. Receiving healing through her has been a touching experience full of love, compassion and self realization. I have had the opportunity to take Kundalini Yoga classes with Genevieve and they not only enriched my yoga practice but have taught me to use my breath as a source of healing. I attended a Kundalini Yoga Retreat in 2009 that Genevieve led and met wonderful people, enjoyed the beauty of nature, ate delicious vegetarian food, rested, recharged, shared space with others in meditation and practiced Kundalini Yoga. The Yoga classes offered a perfect balance of healing, peace, physical as well as spiritual strength and joy. I feel grateful for her work and would recommend anyone who is looking for clarity, balance and self-knowledge to join her in healing, yoga or a retreat. Thank you Genevieve for sharing your gifts with this world." In love, Ana

"My heartfelt appreciation continues to flow your way for the time and attention you shared with me during my healing sessions. Sometimes the words "Thank you" just don't seem enough. The value of your healing is far greater than the price I paid. Spirit moved me to send you more. Your gifts and talents will be honored by so many. There is an influx of opportunity for you to heal more often and spread your gifts...it is waiting for you..make space and ask for more in return. I will turn to you while I wander, and wonder through this life enhancing journey. Having you with me completes the circle of protection and further encourages unabated growth. I welcome you and Spirit with me always." All my heart, love and Sincerity, Kristen


Testimonial for Intuitive Reading:

"Genevieve, I just wanted to thank you again for my reading. I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off of my shoulders and my heart is feeling more open. I'm not even sure I can pinpoint exactly what in the reading shifting things though, maybe that will come with reflection. I just know I'm feeling so much clearer and accepting about things. It's really amazing! I can't express my gratitude enough, thank you." LK