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The Art of Prayer & Spiritual Practice
Workshop includes an Elk Hide Rattle,
personally created for you by Genevieve

Saturday: TBD
Location: Santa Rosa 
p. 707.849.6993  e. 
*Pre-registration and Payment required- Handmade Rattles take time and preparation to create!

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Hello Friends, & Community,
I'm honored to bring Native teachings of Personal Prayer and Spiritual Practice to our community. Applied Spirituality is the work of the Healer, Visionary, Warrior and Teacher.

We are all imbued with Spirit. We came here spiritually connected. The question is, how do we re-enter the conversation with the beautiful Mystery? How do we create conversation that is free-flowing, constant and a never-ending part of our experience? What are the practices that tether us to our Soul & Spirit in times of need and change?

I believe we crave connection to higher power. That we not only want it, but need it. There are endless gifts and blessings in learning how to create and sustain personal connection to Spirit (higher power as defined by you). I’d be honored to share the wisdom given to me, with you. Sharing our wisdom, traditions and practices opens new doors for cross cultural connection and cooperation. 

Our Day will consist of: 

  • Opening Prayer 

  • Introduction to your Rattle

  • Teachings on Praying to the 4-Cardinal Directions. 

  • Learn traditions of praying in the sacred wheel of life; Personal prayers for oneself and praying for others.

  • Learn ways to create daily spiritual connection to higher source

We'll share in a sacred spiritual journey as a community. Please arrive 15-minutes early so that we can begin on time. The address for location will be sent to you by email post-registration. Please come clean of mind/body/spirit- no alcohol or drugs within your system. Looking forward to having you!!