Intuitive Readings

Information, Direction, Inspiration, Transformation


An Intuitive Reading is a 75-90 session that begins with a prayer and is predominately directed by me, the practitioner. Using the gifts of clairvoyance, clairaudience, and clairsentience, I communicate with the unseen spirit allies to introduce healing, compassion and tools to the client such that they may learn and grow. In the healing space as a reader, I am able to see what is influencing the client's life from an emotional, spiritual and physical perspective.

The reading space is a very sensitive one, and it is one that is tended to with the utmost integrity. The ultimate goal is to offer clarity, validation and direction for the client.  

Intuitive Reading Rates
75-90 Minute Reading - $125

Couple's & Relationship Readings

Information, Direction, Inspiration, Transformation


Within the couple's and relationship reading, we analyze both the relationship as a whole and each person as an individual to gather a broad perspective. Each session is completely unique to the couple's 'work' together and to them in their personal lives. I will journey and listen to, and bring back all of the information that will benefit the Truest and Highest Good of each person within the reading.

Some of the information that comes through is focused around:

  • Intimacy and ways to deepen and heal it.
  • Communication and ways to deepen and heal it. 
  • Conflict and ways to resolve it. 
  • Creative Solutions for the adversity and challenges that are faced within
  • The relationship and personal dream; what they are and where the commitment and support lies within
  • The history within the relationship and the healing and growing that needs to happen to move forward
  • Forgiveness

Ideally the reading is to help support the greater needs of the relationship so that each person can learn and grow individually in the areas of connection and communion with another and so that the Love can Flourish!

Couple/Relationship Reading Rates
75-90 Minute Reading - $125.0

CONTACT ME for inquiries or questions regarding scheduling, booking, or the personal reading process.